Crystal’s Delta Webinar Comments

Hello, everyone, and welcome to this special webinar supporting Black Policy Day.

I’m Crystal Good, Founder and Publisher of Black By God. I’m thrilled to share with you some empowering insights that highlight the profound impact of our collective voice and action.

First off, let me acknowledge the incredible tools we have at our disposal today – tools that are technologically advanced yet fundamentally human.

We have the power of information, and the battle against disinformation represented by BBG, Black By God Newspaper, and many other independent media outlets. These platforms are not just about news but about empowering our community with knowledge.

We also possess the power of connection – the ability to build communities and share this crucial information far and wide. It’s about harnessing our collective strength to make a real difference. Remember: The civil rights movement was organized with out the Internet. It was a network of hand-to-hand conversations. 

We have the power of our voice as citizen lobbyists.

Here is the formula: Curiosity + A Story = Citizen Lobbyist. Get curious about the dynamics of power!  Carry your story with conviction, almost like a weapon!
Your story, your perspective, is a vital part of this conversation. I’m excited for everyone to learn tonight and join me and others at the Capitol! 

And always appreciate the power of your opinion, EDITORIAL or op-ed. The editorial column is a powerful tool for change, and I invite you all to share your thoughts with BBG. because supporting Black media matters more than ever now – but… an op-ed in any paper in wv or the Nation is a win! 

This leads me to discuss our Folk Reporters initiative under Black By God The West Virginian. It’s a struggling program, and I say that because there is only so much one person can do organize, and facilitate, but Folk Reporters is a wildly successful idea!

There is power in Community Journalism to empower citizens as civic actors. Folk Reporters aims to engage a diverse group of people in public meetings, from City Councils to the West Virginia State Legislature, ensuring our voices are heard and our concerns addressed. This program is about democratizing news at the local level and making sure that Black issues and voices are not just heard but also acted upon.

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